Emily Dickinson

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Assignment 6

I think its really cool how the Lyre Bird can mimic noises it hears, such as; car alarms, chain saws, and clicking camera noises! Its also a pretty neat looking bird. The way it mates it interesting. This bird is an Australian bird found in rainforest areas. The Lyre with a huge tail that it fans out as a display! Imagine all these fascinating species and how much more there are to come , we need to take care of the nature around us and help preserve it.

So Most men when you ask whats you ideal women…they reply: Big breast, big butts… thin waist,curves its usually the same thing.

 Most women : athletic , tall , handsome , nice smiles, and clean.


The perfect ideal man or woman doesnt exist. Society portrays the celebrieties as perfect idols…but its amazing the things make and photoshop can do. Society brings men and womens standards way to high for themselves, as well for when their looking for a partner. Ever heard the saying its not all about looks? Well…. it really isent, yo ucant honestly say that bc that guy is sooooo FINE but you share NOTHING in common that you can actually bring yourself to love him… I mean people need to stop being so shallow and see the reality no one is perfect not after surgery not after make up there will ALWAYS be some kind of flaw. Now i can also say that i think people should have enough self control to handle themselfves and be happy with who they are instead of trying to be other people..I mean society isent all bad the media can help us to persuade our goals,and encourage us to do things, such as have hygene, eat healthy, and get fit. But all in all you need to be happy ith you. Becasue if you are not happy with you no one can be happy with you. Your the only one of you , grab that and hold on to it tight, its the one advantage you have on everybody else

The secret circle!


So witches…. Dear lord, thereare so many theories and ideas. Puritaqn witches were apperently condemed to hell with no soul, devil workers! Where as now a days the ideology has faded and turned to more of a joke and make belief idea. Witches nowadays arent considered so scary and threating, where as puritan witches were hung and punished for pretty much just having a finger pointed at them because they were considered such a threat.

Which Witch is Which? :0

So I was convicted to be a witch,  I can not say i was happy with the results, but I guess I understand them since that was just the way things were done in those times. I was set free and made it through my trail, but by the time I had returned home, their wasent much left…… People where  starting to second guess their belief. They wondered if any of this had made any sense to anyone?… In the trail I saw friends and people I had known for a long time being convicted and i feel that if I would have lived in that time i would have also started to second guess my beliefs. If I had a choice to do aqnything differently,well… I think I would have tried to make the people see there were other possibilities for these misfourtunes.   

Color doesnt matter!

Okay, lets see I got 10 out of 20 people,,,,, thats sad. Theres no way  someone could be characterized by color or looks! Its sad what the world has come to, but people are how people are. Change cant be forced it has to be wanted:)  This exercise was defenitely more dificult then i thought it would be! Hair , color and facial structures can be misleading sometimes. As it is we shouldnt pass judgement we should get to know a person rather then assume things about them. The things that are noticable to the eye are not the only thing tha make up a person! we as one world need to be more open and excepting.  Think of how far we would be….possibilities would be endless , you know? Think are you most likely to get a project done fast and accurate by yourself…. or with a group?



Blogging101 :)

So im a first time blogger. Haa. Im looking forward to blogging. Its a new experience. I like to talk so this is pretty cool. I guess ill take blogging over essays and homework! well gotta back to making this thing… so talk with you guys later